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Cloud Campaign Infographic

Infographics give me the opportunity to illustrate and turn stats and facts into something more digestible and engaging. This example was created to promote the advantages of cloud computing with the client.

Completed at Delineo


Infographic design

The content was provided as a detailed, four column table in a spread sheet. The design needed to retain these sections to underpin the concept of four simple steps to cloud, but I wanted to achieve a less formulaic structure in the final artwork. It was also a requirement of the client that the content fit and remain legible when printed as an A4 handout. The creative challenge in this respect was to fit a large amount of copy into a small area, without compromising the look and feel.


Brand elements

These logo devices were provided and gave the initial steer for the illustrative style.


Illustration detail

The illustrative style combined flat graphics and soft gradients. There was a lot of content to work with so I aimed to create a vibrant and energetic piece of artwork, and tried to avoid something that felt too busy or overwhelming.


Animation stills

The client was so pleased with the infographic they commissioned an animated version. Here are some stills taken from the storyboard I created.