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Website design for international media festival

The website required a clean and fresh look and feel, to mirror the home of the festival, the university campus at MediaCity. I was shown around this impressive setting to gain inspiration before starting the project.

Completed at Delineo


Home page design


The homepage design makes the most of the supplied location shots and gives key retail space to promote spotlight events.


Supplied imagery

Good website design relies on having strong imagery at your disposal, so I was delighted to be provided with a library of fantastic location shots.




As with all my web design projects, I felt it important to consider usability and page structure by wireframing key templates, before hitting Photshop.


Iconography, font and colour guidelines

I developed the above icon set to highlight interesting content and aid sign-posting.


Design elements

Consideration was given to interactive elements and roll-over affects, to assist front-end development.


Content page deisgns


The design process was very comprehensive with all key templates identified and designed before front end development began.


Creative Email Design

I also designed a template for digital newsletters, that followed the same look and feel developed for the website.