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Explainer video and app on-boarding illustrations

I was recently commissioned to create animations for a video and an app on-boarding flow. The purpose of these animations was to explain how social insurance works.



I created an illustrative style that I felt fitted with the companies vibrant brand colour palette and youthful customer base.


Character design



Clips displaying highlights from the animation.


In-app on-boarding animation

I was really pleased with how the illustration and animation translated into the on-boarding animation.


Explainer video

Select HD 720p in the movie controls above for a higher quality viewing experience.


How it works illustrations - sketches & stills

This series of animated illustrations shows an earlier version from a previous project.


Finished animations

Step 1 - Get your phone covered.


Step 2 - Connect with friends & build your Reward Pot.


Step 3 - Nobody claims? You get money back.

Step 4 - Someone needs to make a claim?