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Website for cutting-edge architectural glaziers

As a leading name in specialist glazing, the client required a website that reflected the excellence, innovation and attention to detail within their own groundbreaking projects.

Completed at Delineo



Home page design

Hero banners are designed as montages depicting different shots from showcase projects.
Hide and reveal functionality allows for full screen navigation design.


Naturally, the site is designed to gracefully degrade to tablet and mobile devices. However, some elements required alternative designs for smartphones, such as the home page hero banners, which are replaced with single image compositions.


Responsive design

Further consideration has been given to how the main navigation appears on smartphones.
The two column layout on desktop and tablet, reverts to a single column for greater ease of use.


Colours and icons

Colours have been assigned to specific categories, to allow for consistent signposting within user journeys.
Custom icon sets were created at 40 and 30 pixels height to ensure pixel perfect display throughout.


Media templates


Media landing page with advanced filtering and featured project.


Individual article template.


Project templates

Projects landing page with advanced filtering.

Individaul project template.


Contact and team templates

Contact page with map, address details and 3 step enquiry form.

Team page with key contact and advanced filtering.


A brief history timeline

Interactive timeline from the about template.


Product pages and team profile

The design process was very comprehensive with all key templates identified and designed before front end development began.