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El Gazelle - Beat Goes On

When you're an aspiring illustrator and your band releases a single, it's only right that you should have a crack at the artwork. I'm the rhythm guitarist for El Gazelle and I co-wrote this, our first and only release - Beat Goes On.


Illustration detail

Sleeve design

Label / CD design and band logo


Vinyl packaging

El Gazelle have a sound routed in 60s garage rock, so I felt it necessary that the artwork should have a style indicative of that period. I used the somewhat psychedelic font DS Motter Style. The illustration of a Majorette was influenced by the work of the supremely talented Malika Favre.


CD packaging

The band logo that adorned the CD, was based on the RAF roundel made popular through Modernists and Pop Art in the 1960s.


Artwork on iTunes

Never miss an opportunity for some shameless self promotion I say. The song is still available on iTunes here.