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Expert home bakers eCommerce website

My involvement in this project stemmed from logo development through to eCommerce website design. I also created supporting collateral for social media, such as the featured infographic and it's illustrative style.

Completed at Delineo



Logo design

The logo I designed has appeared on a range of materials including packaging and promotional aprons, and even as a giant bowl and whisk installment at national baking events.


Website design

Home page and product templates are presented here.
Mega bar navigation has been adopted to allow users quick access to category results pages.


The home page has been designed with a real focus on giving the user multiple routes into individual products and product ranges.


Infographic design


Original version

Alternative version


This infographic is one example of supporting material that has been produced to raise awareness across social media.
I created it as a style setter for all subsequent artwork for the brand.


Illustration detail


The illustrative style created for this brand displays retro stylistics using outlines and offset flat colours.